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Business Line of Credit

What is Business Line
of Credit ?

A business line of credit provides flexibility for the business owner. Rather than a fixed amount issued at one time, funds can be accessed as needs arise. Funds are made available again, as the balance is paid down.

Requirements to Apply for a Business Line of Credit


An SBA loan is a government-backed loan that can be used for starting or expanding a business. The loan has certain requirements for eligibility, such as size standards, providing the ability to repay and a solid business purpose.


Fixed and variable options
Monthly payments
Terms up to 25 years
Prime rates


$60,000 Gross Annual Sales
3 Years Time in Business
No loss on previous 2 years tax returns
Financials required

LOAN AMOUNTS: Up to $5 Million
TERMS: Up to 25 Years
FUNDING: 90 - 120 Days

What is an SBA 504 loan?

The SBA 504 loan primarily intends businesses to purchase real estate, machinery, or other fixed assets. It promotes economic development and job creation by offering businesses long-term, fixed-rate financing. This program is especially beneficial for businesses looking to:

1. Fast-Track Entry

1. Fast-Track Entry

1. Fast-Track Entry

Explore Your Options

Chart the Best Course for Your Business’s Future. Connect with us. Let our Rockalpine experts provide insights into how a Business Line of Credit can be meticulously crafted for your unique needs

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